At ELEVATE CREW CROSSFIT in Abilene, TX, we use a variety of modalities and techniques in both our ELEVATE CrossFit and FLEX Functional fitness classes such as; lifting, running, rowing, ski erg, jumping, pulling, pushing (and more) and we aim to do so with maximum skill plus control.  This type of athletic training will increase lean muscle, improve fluid functional movement, help with fat-loss and develop anaerobic/aerobic conditioning.  Additionally, athletic training prevents injury and improves flexibility along with stability. We help you ELEVATE to be the best YOU, you can be!

    u p c o m i n g    e v e n t s

OCT. 1st-31st

Elevate Bingo

*members, take part in our month long Bingo challenge for your chance to win several prizes, including your chance to win a FREE month membership!*

OCT. 13th

Festivus Games in Brownwood

*Good luck to all our Elevate athletes competing in this partner competition!*

OCT. 17th

Elevate Winter Wear Pre Orders

*make sure you have made your pre order purchases for Elevate Hoodies and T shirts by this date!

You can pre order online by going to ourELEVATE SHOP

OCT. 31st

Halloween Costume WOD

*wear your Halloween costumes to our 5:30pm class!

There will be a prize for best male and female costume!*


New Horizons Coat and Toy Drive

*Elevate is taking donations for New Horizons again this year. We will have a box set up at the front to drop off coats and/or toys! Thank you to everyone who donates to this amazing organization!*


Elevate Crew Crossfit | Flex Functional Fitness | Open Gym​

$125/month or $15 drop in per visit

UNLIMITED ELEVATE Crew CrossFit and FLEX Functional Fitness Classes

$10/month childcare add on, per household (up to 3 children)

​$65/month or $10 drop in per visit

ELEVATE CrossFit Pre-TEENS ages 8-13, unlimited classes (M/W 4:30-5:15pm)

$45/month or $10 drop in per visit

ELEVATE CrossFit Kids ages 4-7, unlimited classes (M/W 4-4:30pm)



functional fitness

Flex Functional Fitness is designed to produce desired personalized results by utilizing metabolic conditioning in varied programming and class formats. Flex is programmed to enhance the cardiovascular system, tone muscle, burn fat, increase core strength and skyrocket your endurance. Flex incorporates functional compound movements that engage the entire body through high intensity workouts utilizing different modalities such as kettle bells, battle ropes, medicine balls, dumbbells, as well as bodyweight/calisthenic movements. Flex programming is modifiable to accommodate ALL fitness levels. 

Elevate crOSSFIT Kids

youth total body fitness

 Elevate CrossFit KIDS brings both broad and inclusive fitness to youth, ages 4-15.  Our CrossFit kids enjoy an active environment that fosters a unique combination of FUNctional fitness, games, and skill activities for all.  During each session, our Elevate CrossFit KIDS coach teaches appropriate movements to safely progress toward establishing mastery and control of all skills. Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays 4-4:30pm for CrossFit Kids, and 4:30-5:15pm for CrossFit Pre Teens.


 crew Crossfit

Elevate Crew CrossFit is a branded exercise program to improve muscular strength, stamina, flexibility, agility, power, speed, core strength, balance and most importantly mental conditioning. We use varied barbell components, along with dumbbells and many body weight exercises/gymnastics to compliment the kettle bell work, medicine ball movements, running, rowing, jumping, etc. CrossFit reflect the best aspects of each of these functional movements. We use varying degrees of intensity and timing to test and challenge the body in different ways. This class is measurable and scalable for ALL levels.